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MGH Center for Faculty Development

Bodyweight Strength Training and Mobility from Your Home or Office!

Darren Wallace is a certified strength and conditioning coach with National Strength and Conditioning Association and has been coaching for over 10 years both in United States and Ireland. He currently works with New England Revolution and has worked with …

Group Coaching for a Healthy Lifestyle

Work together along with facilitator Dr. Beth Frates, lifestyle medicine pioneer and seasoned coach, to identify ways that you can enhance your health and happiness without adding extra time to your schedule. With registration, you’ll receive an e-book of Paving …

MGH Center for Faculty Development

Peer-Coaching Groups

If you are struggling with stress during this time, the MGH Office of Well-Being is supporting the creation of peer-coaching groups that you can join. These groups will be composed of MGH researchers like you and their aim is to …

MGH Center for Faculty Development

Stress Reduction for Researchers

Experiments, shifts, family duties - the pandemic has resulted in many demands and many restrictions. How can you avoid getting completely overwhelmed and take back control? The Office for Well-Being and Office for Research Careers will be hosting Giulia Arsuffi, …

MGH Center for Faculty Development

Stretch and Strength Yoga

Support your body with a soothing, gentle yoga practice that focuses on moving easefully into basic sun salutation yummy yoga postures while using the breath to create space in your mind, body, and heart. This class is great for beginners …

MGH Center for Faculty Development

The Maurizio Fava Lecture Series on Well-Being

The Pursuit of Euthymia: How can we keep our values and well-being in academia?