MGH CURVE: COVID Urgent Resource Video Education

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a "living" digital video education platform that supports all clinicians in learning how to take care of COVID-19 patients. Each clinician responding to the COVID-19 crisis will have a different need based on local resources and workforce. We aim to create a video-based, easy-access educational platform to support COVID-based clinical care and operations.

Our Strategy

We begin by sharing a consolidated catalog of existing videos (previously recorded lectures/grand rounds and instructional videos) created and/or hosted across a variety of MGH clinical units. In leveraging that unique collection as "source material," we aim to create additional focused video content based on our collective experience in caring for COVID patients (including special video "dispatches" and evolving core "chapter" content). Because time is of the essence, we are not waiting to publish a "fully-finished" collection, but rather to share material as soon as it is created and reviewed by our team. What results is a video "text book in-progress" that we hope will continue to grow and evolve into a comprehensive resource to support colleagues across institutions and systems of care.

Our Team

Editorial Board:

Digital Production

  • Carl Blesius, MD
  • Priya Rao
  • Michael Steigman, MS
  • Mark Wylie

Special Care Briefs: Video Dispatches are produced in collaboration with Bob Arnot, MD

Video Text-in-Progress: Section Editors/Content Review

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