Instructor Training

Instructor Training programs are faculty development programs held on-site and virtually by the STRATUS center.

No Current Offerings

Simulation Educator Course: Designing a Clinical Scenario for Simulation

Participants will develop confidence with the process of developing a simulation clinical scenario, including writing learning outcomes and developing a storyboard.

Simulation Educator Course: Introduction to Simulation Debriefing

Participants will learn and practice the basic tenets of debriefing a simulation course.

Simulation Instructor Training: Assessment Basics in Simulation

Differentiating and appropriately implementing various assessment strategies is an important part of any instructional session. This session focuses on formative and summative assessment strategies, and the creation of safe learning environments to promote learning. There will be an introduction of …

Simulation Instructor Training: Clinicians as Learners

In this session, we will explore the concepts of experiential and reflective learning as they apply in the health professions. Participants will gain an understanding of how these apply for learners and educators, and apply adult learning principles to simulation-based …

Simulation Instructor Training: Debriefing Practice

During this session, participants will practice debriefing skills and will receive feedback. This seminar is currently offered as an in-person workshop with live discussions with simulation education experts.

Simulation Instructor Training: Instructional Design for Simulation

Outcomes driven instructional design is now the standard of practice for curriculum design. Participants will explore how this approach applies to the design of simulation-based learning activities. Specific attention to designing learning objectives and intended behavioral outcomes will round out …

Simulation Instructor Training: Introduction to Debriefing for Facilitators

Participants will review adult learning best-practices, and consider three basic approaches to debriefing. At the end of this session, participants will be able to describe the facilitators and barriers to meaningful learning in simulation in the context of case studies. …

Simulation Instructor Training: Maximizing Skills and Procedural Training

The psychomotor or skills learning domain is one of the three main learning domains in simulation-based learning in the health professions. This session reviews the theoretical and practical aspects that underpin the best practices in managing skills and procedural learning. …