Simulation education activities involving research.

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AV Teddy Bear Study

Teddy bear study to test a new supporting device that has been developed at BWH.

BWH Emergency Preparedness (ASPR) Telemedicine Feasibility Simulation Research Study

During this program, participants will be presented with Telehealth simulated exercises.


Crisis Resource Management (CRM) is a behavioral construct that was developed by the aviation industry to help flight crews mitigate errors related to human factors during in-flight emergencies. Adapted by anesthesiologists, CRM is employed extensively throughout the healthcare industry to …

Emergency General Surgery Checklist

This course is part of an educational research project designed to educate participants on the disproportionate morbidity and mortality in EGS, provide instruction on proposed use of checklist/huddle strategy to address intraoperative contibutors to post-operative M&M.

Ethical Dilemmas Research Study

During this program, participants will be presented with ethical dilemmas that they may encounter in clinical practice.

Getting to Equal at the Bedside

In this Stratus Simulation Center-approved project, we hope to improve the equality and inclusiveness of bedside rounds by teaching the skill of asking a variety of questions to everyone present at the bedside. Beginning in 2020, we will teach one-hour …

Home Hospital: Acute Care in Rural Homes Research Study

During this simulation, challenges and opportunities in executing acute care in rural homes will be explored.