These courses are designed for practicing nurses at Brigham and Women's Hospital. These courses frequently focus on continued skill development and refinement, as well as training new procedures and processes implemented in the hospital.

No Current Offerings

Advanced Burn Life Support Course

During this course, participants will learn processes involved in advanced burn life support.

Burn Wound Care Course

During this course, nurses will be trained in acute burn wound care.

Burns Fluid Resuscitation Course

During this course, nurses will be trained in fluid resuscitation for burn patients.

CCI Infant Blood Pressure Course

This course will instruct learners on how to apply correct procedures in obtaining an infant blood pressure.

CDIC Competency Course

The Cardiovascular Diagnostic Interventional Center Competency course will review the policies and procedures for scrubbing, site preparation, and instrument setup.

CRNA Skills Course

During this course, CRNA's will review and practice ultrasound guided IV access, ultrasound guided arterial line access, and fiberoptic intubation techniques.

Critical Care OB Nursing ACLS Course

During this course, nursing staff will review and practice ACLS skills.

Neonatal Resuscitation Post Partum Course

During this course, participants will review components of neonatal resuscitation procedures including airway management, PPV, chest compressions, needle aspiration, UVC placement, and Epinephrine administration.

Nursing Safety Training Course

This course provides safety awareness and education for nursing staff at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Nursing Ultrasound Guided Peripheral IV Placement Course

During this course, BWH nurses on the IV team will review and practice performing ultrasound guided peripheral IV placement.

Sexual Assualt Simulation Course for Healthcare Providers

During this course, participants will gain the theoretical and experiential knowledge to effectively care for a patient experiencing a sexual assault.

TB Testing Training Course

Nursing staff will be trained how to properly administer a TB skin test. Participants will demonstrate and practice proper TB skin test administration to create wheal in testing product.