Healthcare Students

These courses are designed for student from a variety of healthcare programs, including PA students, nursing students and ultrasound technician students, who are rotating at the Brigham. These courses frequently focus on training procedural and other technical skills associated with training programs.

No Current Offerings

Harvard/MIT Student Basic Medical Skills Course

This course will expose graduate and undergraduate public health students with an interest in global health/humanitarian medical work to some basic medical techniques.

OB Sonography Course

Sonography students will master the scanning techniques necessary to visualize, recognize, and measure fetal anatomy.

Physician Assistant Student Ultrasound Guided IV Course

This course will introduce ultrasound to physician assistant students. The participants will learn how to place ultrasound guided peripheral IVs.

SRNA Introduction to Ultrasound Guided IV Placement Course

During this course, first year Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists will be introduced to how to place an ultrasound guided IV including the basics of ultrasound machines and vein anatomy.