Graduate Medical Education

Interns, residents and fellows training at Brigham and Women's Hospital and it’s affiliates participate in variety of training courses as they progress through their training. Course focus on both the technical and non-technical skills necessary for the chosen discipline. Many sessions focus on high-acuity, low frequency events that prepare trainees for events in the clinical setting.

No Current Offerings

Cardiothoracic Surgery Bootcamp FLS and Bronchoscopy Course

During this course, Cardiothoracic residents and fellows will practice FLS and Bronchoscopy skills.

Cardiothoracic Surgery Bootcamp Philosophy, CRM, and Team Building Course

This course will introduce Cardiothoracic residents to the concepts of crisis resource management and the importance of team building.

Hospital-Wide Intern Orientation

This course will introduce PGY1 Residents to the basics of sharps safety, sterility, and procedural skills.

Surgery Residency Basic Suturing and Knot-Tying Course

During this session PGY1 Surgery Residents will understand and demonstrate principles, practices and techniques of suturing and knot tying.

Surgery Residency Basic Thoracic Skills Course

During this course, PGY1 Surgical Residents will learn and demonstrate the principles, practices and techniques of performing Bronchoscopy, Cricothyroidotomy and Chest tube placement.

Surgery Residency Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, and FES Exam Prep Course

During this course, Surgery residents will review the principles, practices and techniques of performing upper and lower endoscopic procedures and will review the required Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery (FES) Exam components.

Surgery Residency Excisional Biopsy Course

This course will introduce PGY1 Surgical Residents to the principles, practices, and techniques of basic surgical skills required for mass excision.

Surgery Residency Gastrectomy Course

This course is designed for fifth year surgery residents to understand the principles, practices and techniques of performing a Gastrectomy.

Surgery Residency Informed Consent Course

This course is designed for first year surgery residence to gain basic knowledge about the process of obtaining informed consent from patients prior to a procedure. Historical background, basic processes, and ethical considerations are discussed.

Surgery Residency Inguinal Hernia Repair Course

Surgical Residents will identify various types of hernia defects, anatomy and their repair techniques.

Surgery Residency Practice ABSITE Exam

Surgical Residents will complete the BWH General Surgery Practice ABSITE Exam.