Undergraduate Medical Education

These courses are offered for medical students in the pre-clinical and clerkship years who are rotating at Brigham and Women's Hospital. The focus of many courses is on basic exam skills, procedures and teamwork. Students may also work with virtual reality simulators and other equipment to practice more advanced techniques.

No Current Offerings

Cambridge Health Alliance HMS Emergency Medicine Clerkship Procedural Skills Course - Part 2

Harvard Medical Students in their 2nd and 3rd years assigned to Cambridge Health Alliance will participate in a clinical scenario utilizing their procedural skills.

HMS Emergency Medicine Clerkship Airway Course

This course is designed for medical students to gain a basic understanding of the clinical situations that may lead to airway compromise/ventilatory insufficiency and the management techniques and maneuvers commonly used in the emergency department to ensure proper ventilation.

HMS Emergency Medicine Clerkship Central Venous Catheter Training Course

Medical and PA students will learn how to place central lines using ultrasound and sterile technique.

HMS Emergency Medicine Clerkship Procedural Skills Course

During this course, Harvard Medical Students will review and practice procedural skills including IO placement, IV placement, and defibrillation.

HMS Emergency Medicine Clerkship Suturing Course

During this course, Harvard Medical School students will be introduced to the principles of wound closure and will practice suturing techniques.

HMS Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) Course

The HMS Emergency Medicine Interest Group Simulation Course will expose medical students who are interested in emergency medicine to common procedures done in the ED

HMS John Warren Surgical Society (JWSS) Interest Group Basic Laparoscopic Suturing Skills Course

During this course, Harvard Medical School Students will become familiar with the theoretical and practical basis of laparoscopic surgical suture techniques.

HMS OB/GYN Advanced Elective Pelvic Anatomy Surgical Skills Course

This course will introduce medical students to Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery and robotic skills.

HMS Radiology Clerkship Introduction to Interventional Radiology Course

This course provides an introduction to the basic equipment, wires and catheters used in interventional radiology. Through a combination of simulated cases and basic skills practice, medical students will gain competence in obtaining ultrasound guided vascular access and placing stents.

HMS Radiology Clerkship Introduction to Ultrasound Course

This 90-minute skills session is designed to introduce rotating medical students to basic ultrasound practices, including probe placement, use of ultrasound for clinical decision-making, and basic image acquisition.