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Anesthesiology Residency PACU PICUS Assessment

This 2-week curriculum will expose anesthesia residents on their PACU rotation to three applications of point of care ultrasound: 1) Focused cardiac ultrasound (FOCUS); 2) Lung/Pleural ultrasound; 3) Abdominal ultrasound. The exams performed on the PACU rotation will count towards …

Anesthesiology Residency Ultrasound Course

This course is designed to introduce first year anesthesia residents to focus assessed transthoracic echo (FATE) ultrasound techniques. This course includes the use of simulators and live actors for the purpose of demonstration. Residents will be given ample opportunity to …

Anesthesiology Transthoracic Echo (TTE) Course

During this course, a short presentation will be given to introduce the participants to the basics of transthoracic echocoardiography. Participants will have the opportunity to show their ability to obtain TTE images on healthy live models/simulator.

HMS Emergency Medicine Clerkship Introduction to Ultrasound Course

The HMS Emergency Medicine Introduction to Ultrasound Course will provide Harvard Medical Students a brief introduction to point of care ultrasound.

HMS Radiology Clerkship Introduction to Ultrasound Course

This 90-minute skills session is designed to introduce rotating medical students to basic ultrasound practices, including probe placement, use of ultrasound for clinical decision-making, and basic image acquisition.

Internal Medicine Residency Ultrasound Guided IV Course

This course will introduce ultrasound machine basics and how to place an ultrasound guided IV to Internal Medicine Residents.