Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP)

A multidisciplinary simulation based program in neonatal resuscitation for clinicians in neonatal intensive care, obstetrics, OB anesthesia, postpartum, well baby nursery and antepartum.

No Current Offerings

Advanced Trauma Life Support Course (ATLS)

During this course. participants will learn and demonstrate skills necessary to assess and manage critically injured patients.

BWH OR Team Training Course - GYN Surgery

This interprofessional program allows surgeons, anesthesiologists, scrub practitioners and OR nurses to work together in teams during situations commonly encountered in the OR. This course is designed to provide the participants with adequate opportunity to practice non-technical skills in a …

Emergency Medicine Faculty Development Blakemore Tube Placement Course

During this course, Emergency Medicine faculty will review and practice correct placement of Blakemore/Minnesotta Tube for variceal bleeding.

Simulation Educator Course: Designing a Clinical Scenario for Simulation

During this interprofessional course, participants will develop confidence with the process of developing a simulation clinical scenario, including writing learning outcomes and developing a storyboard.