LL Multidisciplinary OR Team Training

This program is a multidisciplinary operating room team training with simulation program using full, active OR teams with the goal of creating a stronger culture of safety in the OR. The overarching goal of the program is to move operating …

No Current Offerings

EM & SURG Resident Training

This course provides deliberate practice opportunities for residents in Emergency Medicine and General Surgery to improve collaboration through interdisciplinary trauma team training.

LL OB-CRICO Team Training

This course for labor and delivery teams focuses on improving crisis resource management team skills, including event management, improved communication (directed, closed-loop and encouraging/inviting speaking-up), and clinical management of two uncommon but challenging obstetric emergencies.

SURG SICU Team Training

A in-situ multidisciplinary training program for team members in the Surgical ICU designed with cases addressing high-risk/low-frequency medical events in that unit. This program emphasizes the need for role clarity during critical events in the ICU, encourages team members to …