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Introduction to the Partners Biobank Portal

Ended: Sept. 21, 2017

Introduction to the Partners Biobank Portal

The Partners HealthCare Biobank is a large research data and sample repository. It provides researchers access to over 45,000 high-quality, consented samples to help foster research, advance our understanding of the causes of common diseases, and advance the practice of medicine. The Partners Biobank Portal at is a web-based tool that allows researchers to access and query clinical and genomic data about consented Biobank subjects as well as make Biobank sample requests for plasma, serum and DNA.

The first hour of the course will provide an introduction to the use of the Biobank Portal and aims to help participants achieve the following:
• Understand the types of data stored in the Biobank Portal
• Navigate through the main functions of the tool
• Create a query and make a request for clinical samples
• Understand concepts of Healthy Controls, Curated Disease populations, Genomic data and temporal query constraints
The last half hour of the course will be optional for any participants who would like additional time to see live demonstrations and work with a Portal expert directly regarding their queries and questions.
This course is geared toward investigators and staff at all levels interested in using the Biobank Portal for their research. It is recommended that participants register to use the Biobank Portal at prior to the course.

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MGH Division of Clinical Research


Sept. 21, 2017 09/21/17
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
Simches 3.120, Floor 3, Simches Research Center