Division of Clinical Research

Improving Subject Data Capture: Incentives, Communication & Personalized Information

Oct. 24, 2019 @ 10 AM

Improving Subject Data Capture: Incentives, Communication & Personalized Information
Upon conclusion of this program, participants should be able to:
o Describe the main limitations of the traditional approach to data capture
o Identify ways to increase subject retention and data quality through incentives, communication and personalized information
o Appraise the value of a subject engagement focused electronic data capture (EDC) system

Summary: The goal of this presentation is to describe the traditional approach to electronic data capture (EDC) and examine new ways to increase subject engagement in the research process using a web-based portal. The presentation will examine the role of incentives, communication, and personally-relevant information as mechanisms to improve data quality, increase data capture rate, and reduce subject dropouts.

This presentation is intended for clinical researchers and study coordinators involved in clinical trials, observational studies, surveys and/or patient registries. Attendees will learn about related functionality in an EDC system called Studytrax and view a demonstration of various case examples.

To learn more visit:
StudyTRAX: http://rc.partners.org/edcstrax

MGH Division of Clinical Research


Oct. 24, 2019 10/24/19
10 AM – 11 AM
Simches 3.120, Floor 3, Simches Research Center