UME Principal Clinical Experience

Ended: March 27, 2019

The Principal Clinical Experience (PCE) provides a clinical base for exposure to the broad disciplines of medicine and experiences essential to credentialing as a licensed physician.

MGH Learning Laboratory, Surgery


March 27, 2019 03/27/19
1:30 PM – 5 PM
BAR 2-204A, Floor 2R, None
BAR 2-204B Learning Laboratory Bay B, Floor 2R, Bartlett Building
BAR 2-204C Learning Laboratory Bay C, Bartlett Building
BAR 2-206 Learning Laboratory Debriefing Room, Floor 2R, Bartlett Extension
BAR 2-210A Learning Laboratory Bay A, Floor BAR2-210, Bartlett Building
BAR 2-210B Learning Laboratory Bay B, Bartlett Building
BAR 2-210C Learning Laboratory Bay C, Bartlett Building
BAR 2-210D Learning Laboratory Bay D, Floor BAR2, Bartlett Building
BAR 2-210 Learning Laboratory Classroom, Floor BAR2, Bartlett Building

Other Offerings